Gallant Brass is a one-of-a-kind blend of class, sound, wit and swagger. From the soaring sounds of the Trumpet to the enormous rumble of the Tuba, Gallant Brass exhales entertainment.

This virtuosic ensemble performs a variety of styles from today’s Top 40, EDM, and Latin standards all professionally tailored specifically for to the ensemble. From the streets of New York, the Soccer pitch at Yankee Stadium or your favorite corporate meeting location, Gallant Brass is an entertaining ensemble for audiences and fans of all ages and backgrounds.


Package options and recommended events


  • Small Ensemble (3-4): 1 Trumpet, 1 Mellophone, 1 Baritone and 1 Tuba
  • Mixed Ensemble (5-7): 2 Trumpet, 1 Mellophone, 2 Baritone and 1 Tuba
  • Full Ensemble (10-12): 4 Trumpet, 2 Mellophone, 4 Baritone and 2 Tuba

*Packages listed above are typical but size and configuration of musicians can be catered to the events needs.


  • School Appearances
  • Tradeshows
  • Conventions
  • Corporate Events
  • Public / Private Events



Whether it is enhancing a preecisting track for your event or creating something entirely original, our TEAM OF COMPOSERS will create new music and audio to augment the ensemble’s live performance in any environment. Pairing our ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS, CUSTOM AUDIO TRACKS and MIKING SYSTEM has been proven to create an energetic experience for everyone.

  • Top 40
  • EDM – Dance/Electric
  • World – Latin, African, etc.
  • Jazz
  • Traditional – National Anthem, God Bless America, Military, etc.



Event Policies

  • Client pays for transportation of performers and equipment
  • Venues must align with Gallant Entertainment, Inc.’s core values
  • Final fees contingent on:
    • Logistics (travel/equipment)
    • Length of performance
    • Demands on performers
  • Full payment due at conclusion of the performance.
  • All prices subject to change at the discretion of Gallant Entertainment, Inc.