Corporate Events



Create your own custom show!

We punch up corporate events by injecting a high-energy performance full of excitement, fervor, and frenzy into an otherwise normal event.  Have a drumline kick off your convention or corporate meeting!

GEI will produce a custom experience for your next event, convention or sales meeting that will motivate and incentivize your team to push it to the next level.

We will work one-on-one with your creative team to make ideas come alive.  There are no ideas that are too small or too large for Gallant Entertainment, Inc..  We will travel globally to rock any event! Book us now for your upcoming event!

Additional Services Available

  • Custom audio track form any ensemble to performer over.  This opens new worlds in event presentation.  We can incorporate your company jingle or create the track to match your theme of the event.
  • Custom Drum Branding – We have the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind drum branding to enhance your event and showcase specific concepts from your overall theme.


Thanks To Our Corporate Partners

Gallant Entertainment Inc. is honored to have such great relationships with our corporate partners. From musical instruments, wireless technologies, to apparel and beyond, GEI is able to entertain around the globe at a very low cost to the client. What does this mean to you? Our staff and performers arrive on location with the best equipment, the most current technologies, and fresh threads to dazzle and wow your audience.

Do you want 1700 pairs of custom designed drumsticks for your convention attendees and participants? Would you like tailored athletic wear for our performers as brand ambassadors for your sports team? All of our corporate partners help GEI performers embody the vision you have crafted for your event.


Internal Miking System

WITH THE COLLABORATION OF OUR CORPORATE PARTNER, Randall May International, GEI has designed cutting edge drum miking technology that has been featured in numerous international audio magazines and was utilized during Super Bowl XLVIII!

This system allows GEI to capture the truest tones of the drums and pipe it throughout your house audio system. We can deliver the sound of all instrumental performers to every seat in the stadium or arena, giving audience members and fans an equal opportunity to enjoy the performance no matter where they are sitting. With this technological development, GEI can mix and EQ our sound with our custom designed audio tracks, giving you the opportunity to incorporate GALLANT DRUMLINE with your preexisting entertainment team’s offerings. GALLANT DRUMLINE can enhance a dance team performance, energize a t-shirt toss, or introduce your keynote speaker with our innovative entertainment.




GEI’s DRUMLITES are the best and brightest in the industry! With wireless control and the ability to color match any hue; DRUMLITES greatly enhances the visual element for our drumline or other performance groups. DRUMLITE’s are available as either a rental or add-on to our many custom entertainment performances.


Event Policies

  • Client pays for transportation of performers and equipment.
  • Venues must align with Gallant Entertainment Inc.’s core values.
  • Final fees contingent on:
    • Logistics (travel/equipment)
    • Length of performance
    • Demands on performers
  • Full payment due at conclusion of the performance.
  • All prices subject to change at the discretion of Gallant Entertainment Inc.

For more information, pricing and availability please contact us today!


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